Tuesday, October 20, 2009


What's cookin? Well, this is!

Ceremony - Living hell
Cruelty - Faces tired of life
Cruevo - To kill the dawn (from the in-cre-di-ble split with Brainoil!)
Deadstare - Dying for attention
Deathreat - Bow to none
Deathreat - Since day one
Doomtown - No light at the end of the tunnel
Feedtime - Southside Johnny
Iron Lung - Graves for babies
Iron Lung - Only death
Iron Lung - The system
Kent Brockman - Zeichen der zeit
Latin dogs - Death to tyrants (downloaded this ages ago from Someting i learned today - still amazing music)
Magrudergrind - Esteem on the floor
Massick - Fiftyfive (from the great split with Kent Brockman)
Meanwhile - Resistance is futile
Murder disco X - Wanna play
Nitad - Sjunker som en sten
Strung up - Time clock
Warprayer - Claw it all back
Warprayer - Traitors gate


(And many thanks for sharing!)

Sunday, March 1, 2009